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Adeline Bellot / Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, I make sure the company’s processes are in order and run properly. Specifically, when accounts are opened and when money is moved, I am the one responsible for making sure all documents involved are in good order so that processes move forward efficiently. This allows me to also make sure that all contributions and distributions are coded correctly, including those accounts where a minimum distribution is required. I develop and manage all workflows within the company, which lays the foundation for efficient training and allows us to provide our client’s with a consistent experience.

The family like environment that I work in and the overall support that I get from my team is what drives my motivation here. Through my personal experiences, I have come to learn that by having a team that supports all endeavors, both personal and professional, there is no challenge that I cannot overcome. Being a part of IWM falls in line with my personal values, which is to be genuine and do everything wholeheartedly. When I keep my personal values in line with my career, I am able to provide our client’s with the confidence that they deserve. I define success when our client’s express no doubt that their requests will be received and processed both efficiently and timely. The client’s overall positive experience is what Solidifies our growth and success.

While working for Enterprise and Tesla Motors, facilitating teams and operations has always been my focus and has helped me develop within my professional career. Creating and running organizations that can potentially make a positive impact in a person’s life is what I love and strive to do.

After finishing my degree at The University of New Mexico, I am currently continuing my education by studying for my registrations to become a Financial Advisor. By becoming a Financial Advisor, it is my goal to further extend myself to our client’s and continue to be a positive factor in their lives.

I come from a blended family and I have been blessed with both a Step-Mom and Step-Dad who love and support me in all that I do. I am the eldest of 5, with my two brothers being between the ages of 20 and 21 and my two sisters who are 4 and 11. My family plays a huge role in who I am as a person, which is why most of my free time is spent with them. My fiancé and I do enjoy our time together outside of being with my family by attending major sporting events and taking our quarterly trips to Disneyland. Disneyland is our happy place and the magical experience we have there is much like the experience our clients have with IWM.