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Retirement Planning

Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From?

Retirement income may come from a variety of sources. Here's an overview of the six main sources.

Catch-Up Contributions

Workers 50+ may make contributions to their qualified retirement plans above the limits imposed on younger workers.

If you are in or near retirement you might be wondering if the money you have now will be enough.  We've all seen the calculators that tell you how much money you will need for retirement.  We have them, too, but we know that there are many more factors to be considered when creating a satisfying plan for retirement.   

Retirement shouldn't be about, “What can I afford?”  It should be about embracing the dreams and goals you've worked for without fear of a financial crisis.  Using our unique tools coupled with some new strategies, we can help you develop a plan geared towards helping fund your golden years that optimizes the assets you already have.  You may not be earning income anymore but it’s never too late to come up with a strategy aimed at a long, fruitful retirement. 

You don’t have to figure this out alone.  We would be delighted to help you create an approach to your retirement that can help create confidence in your future.  It all begins with a complimentary Introduction Meeting - call or email to arrange yours today!