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Sandy Massone / Private Wealth Advisor

With a long background in corporate sales where the priority was the customer, I started at IWM as part of the marketing team, bringing that same customer-first focus. Now, as a Financial Advisor, I view myself as the Client Concierge. Working closely with the IWM team, my goal is to not only provide a financial plan and investment strategy that is aligned with our client’s interests and what’s important to them but things as simple as recommending a nice place for dinner in our local community or partnering to help them work through some of life’s more challenging times.

In 1999, I went through a divorce that left me with sole legal custody of my daughters. It was a stressful and eye-opening experience, living paycheck to paycheck and realizing how little I knew about money. Sorting through the confusion while raising my daughters, I felt I had no other choice but to declare bankruptcy. Those were some of my darkest days. Helping others avoid that same pain and confusion played a big part in driving me to become a financial advisor and, along with the team at IWM, I strive every day to empower my clients to live life from a place of financial confidence.

I still think back to those days and realize how fortunate I am to have come through some of those earlier experiences. In fact, I am closer than ever to my girls and our new family – a very supportive husband and his son. Although our children are grown and living on their own, they still love spending time with us. One of the beautiful things that emerged was something we call First Fridays. The first Friday of every month, whoever is available, including significant others, meets at our house where we’ve planned a different themed dinner, anywhere from BBQ to home-made charcuterie plates. It’s a wonderful time that we all cherish. It is these experiences that continue to drive me to become a better advisor every day. If I can help someone plan for a financially comfortable life with a high confidence they will never become a burden to their family and do so with grace and laughter, then I can end my day knowing I’ve made an impact.