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  • We strive for excellence in every service. We want our clients to be impressed with the quality, attentiveness, and professionalism of our services. We intend to lead process for even better solutions.

  • We seek accountability in performance of our ideas, our management and our services. We like to be tested for the value we provide and the comparison with our peers.

  • We are only as good as our word and we want our word to be respected. We take our integrity seriously. We have built workflow systems to capture tasks, request and monitor processes to provide the highest level of follow-through in everything we do.
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  • We believe in family as the cornerstone of our purpose and identity. Our clients are not just customers, they often become friends and family. We travel life's journey together from births and weddings to retirement and loss. We have built a team that will provide continuity through your family for generations. 

  • We understand that it is important that the wealth that you have created be used as a launching pad for your children and grandchildren and not as a gift to be squandered.

  • Our attention is focused both on the day-to-day work of reviewing portfolios and also the greater policy issues that can have the major impact on outcomes. We are risk managers.

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  • We have no agenda other than our client's agenda. We need to constantly review and analyze our success (or lack of success) in adhering to their individual goals and interests as stating in their financial plan and written investment policy.

  • Good financial management requires the "long view" of performance measured in lifetimes not quarters.

  • We are prudent, long-term investors for our clients, for our business and for ourselves. We are not short-term traders gambling for outsized returns.
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