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Going beyond the numbers, the ‘Discovery Meeting’ allows us to better understand your current financial picture, your goals, and dreams. This is a critical component because at the end of the day it is your values and aspirations, not ours, that dictate the investment philosophy. 


Through our ‘Solutions Meeting’ it is our goal to empower you with a path forward, creating a financial plan with specific and measurable actions to help you work toward your financial goals.  In our experience, it is only through a well documented plan, that we can increase the likelihood of achieving your desired result.


During implementation, recommendations are put into action creating a simple process to help launch your journey set out by your financial plan with clarity and confidence. Once executed, we can now begin to watch your plan unfold based on all the ground work that was established as a result of our collective effort in the Discovery and Solutions phase of the process.


Neither investments nor a financial plan are static and require constant monitoring.  On an ongoing basis, we continually collaborate with you to review both your investment performance and progress per the financial plan. When priorities change, which they often do, we modify the plan to meet your new direction. We manage the details so you don’t have to.