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Kevin Bell / Private Wealth Advisor

How we work with People

Client’s often tell me that they feel understood because we ask the right questions, and then make it our priority to truly listen to every need and concern they have. Together, we collaborate and use creativity to provide solutions. This gives them confidence. I am an advocate to my client’s finances and they view me as their financial infrastructure.

Fields of Expertise

As a former entrepreneur and real estate professional, I understand the unique needs of individuals and their families in real estate, marketing, and tech, as well as self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and consultants. In addition to comprehensive financial plans and strategic investment management, I provide guidance on stock options, real estate holdings/REITs, equity compensation, and how they are impacted by taxes.

Reason I became a Financial Advisor

During the 2008 recession, I watched my parents experience extreme financial pain.  They lost most of their investment portfolio and their real estate holdings went into foreclosure.  These events created a tenacious interest to understand economics and financial markets so I could help my family gain control in their finances and manage my own.  I have always been deeply passionate about helping others succeed in any way possible.  I am devoted to assisting others in achieving financial security which gives me great joy and fulfillment.

We are who our Clients Are

I have a long history with many of my clients and we share more then just business.