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Integrated Wealth Management was founded with the intention of building deep relationships and helping our clients maintain their financial independence, grow their legacy, and pursue a vision of life beyond wealth.

Our Family

Kevin C. Swanson / MP

As a financial advisor held to a Fiduciary Standard, the planning process is an important part of what he does. Whether it is retirement planning, educational planning or life planning, Kevin and the team at Integrated Wealth Management work closely with you to build a strategy to help you maintain your current lifestyle and pursue your financial goals into the future.

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Craig Pine / Wealth Manager

Craig joined the Integrated Wealth Management team in September 2014.  Enduring the 'boom and bust' of the roller coaster years throughout the 90's and the '' meltdown in 2000/2001, he realized the opportunity to help others navigate what can be tumultuous financial markets.

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Ryan Chavez / Wealth Manager

Ryan leads the financial planning team at Integrated Wealth Management supporting all of their clients planning needs.  Ryan assists in figuring out where our clients are financially, what their goals are, and what journey they need to follow to have a high probability of achieving their personal life goals.  

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Sandy Massone / Wealth Manager

As a Financial Advisor, Sandy serves as the Client Concierge.  Working closely with the IWM team, her goal is to not only provide a financial plan and investment strategy that is aligned with our client’s interests and what’s important to them, but things as simple as recommending a nice place for dinner in our local community or partnering to help them work through some of life’s more challenging times.

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Adeline Bellot / Operations Mgr.

Adeline has a reputation of providing superior service to clients from account inquiries, service requests, documents, statements and other correspondence. She has worked diligently to improve and manage all of IWM’s operations and is the best person to contact with account inquiries.

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Nicole Morris / Client Services Associate

Coming from a long history of customer service and managing businesses in all aspects, Nicole’s passion is people.  She has spent the past 15 years dedicated to customer service and managing businesses in all aspects. As the person you will most likely reach when calling into our office, she is happy to find answers to your questions or direct you with the person who can.

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Jeremy Olen / CIO

Jeremy Olen is the Chief Investment Officer of THE Financial Services NETWORKs Portfolio Consulting Services with more than two decades of experience in financial services. His primary focus is researching models and investment managers, and establishing portfolio strategies for advisors. His goal is to help advisors sift through their many options and build strong portfolio options for their clients..

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Jeff Schnoebelen / VP, PCS

Jeff Schnoebelen is the Assistant Vice President of THE Financial Services NETWORK's Portfolio Consulting Services, facilitating portfolio design, providing due diligence, and managing trading personnel. He enjoys designing optimal portfolios and seeing them come into fruition. By handling the design of portfolios, he hopes to provide advisors more time to focus on nourishing client relationships. With a long history in portfolio consulting, Jeff has worked alongside Jeremy Olen for more than a decade.

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Integrated Wealth Management

Integrated Wealth Management offers our family of clients strategic investing, personalized retirement planning and financial services designed to manage and protect your wealth for life.


Planning And Investments For Every Stage Of Life


From life planning to educational planning to retirement planning, comprehensive financial planning is a starting point on the journey to help you discover your unique financial goals.  By understanding what is important to you and identifying where you are in relation to your goals, a plan highlights how long it will take to work toward those goals and factors in life stages, risk tolerance and what types of investments you are comfortable owning.

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It's important to us to help you keep and secure what you've earned by managing market volatility, protecting against inflation, and providing tax efficient strategies to maximize income. Your investment advisor works with a knowledgeable team to build a strategy to help you maintain your current lifestyle and pursue your financial goals into the future.

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Wealth Distribution is a crucial part of your overall wealth planning strategy. Knowing how to take income in a tax efficient way, understanding when is the best time to release life insurance policies, and knowing how to make the most of Social Security, RMD's, and pensions are a few of the important components to living life comfortably as you head into retirement. Our expert team can help explore your options as you make plans to travel, purchase a vacation home or simply want to minimize costs and keep more of what is yours.

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Preserving your legacy for generations to come and doing so with intention and purpose is an integral part of our process. By understanding your wishes for wealth transfer, we work together to design a strategy intended to provide financial independence as you age so you won't have to worry about being a burden on your family in your later years.

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Our Vision: Investing for Life

Our vision at Integrated Wealth Management is to offer fully tailored solutions so you can spend your time focused on what is important to you.  To schedule an appointment, click below.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning     |     Wealth Accumulation     |     Wealth Distribution    |     Wealth Protection/Legacy Preservation


There are three things to consider before dipping into retirement savings to pay for college.

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There is no shortage of self-help material available for people looking to boost their investing knowledge.  Between television programs, magazines, and other information sources, you can read about “The Best” this and “The Most Important” that.  It can be easy to get confused, especially when you get conflicting ideas.

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If your family relies on your income, it’s critical to know what their needs would be in the event of your death.

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The LPL Research Outlook 2017: Gauging Market Milestones features market guidance, with forecasts for stocks, bonds, and the economy, that can help you to read the gauges and make adjustments in the year ahead, while staying strategic and maintaining a long-term investment view.

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Long-term care insurance is one of the most complex types of insurance you may consider purchasing. Here’s a list of 10 questions to ask that may help you better understand the costs and benefits.

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Marriage changes everything, including insurance needs. Newly married couples should consider a comprehensive review of their current individual insurance coverage to determine if any changes are in order, as well as consider new insurance coverage appropriate to their new life stage.

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Integrated Wealth Management

Integrated Wealth Management offers our family of clients strategic investing, personalized retirement planning and financial services designed to manage and protect your wealth for life.


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